Will NASA Exist in Twenty Years?

written by David Mixson

I once asked a Curator at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. this question.

“Do you think NASA will exist in twenty years?” 

I figured her response would be swift and affirmative.

Instead, she looked me square in the eyes and paused, as if she was trying to decide whether she should tell me the truth.

After what felt like a minute, she said:

“I’m not so sure, but I certainly hope so.”

Most insiders arrogantly assume NASA will continue forever—regardless of performance. Assumptions can be dangerous. NASA didn’t exist in 1950. Who’s to say it will exist in 2050?

What we do next is critical. What we do in the next three years will set the course for the next hundred.


About the Author

David Mixson writes about Old Space and New Space. He worked as an engineer at NASA for more than thirty years and is the author of three books.

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