The idea for NASAology.com started with a series of stories I published on LinkedIn about my thirty-three-year career as an engineer at NASA. I called it the Make NASA Great series.

In the early stories, I wrote about exciting stuff like telling my parents I got my dream job at NASA, crawling around Shuttle hardware at KSC, and working as a flight controller during Spacelab and ISS operations.

For two months, I wrote and posted a new article five days a week. I loved reliving the early years of my time inside NASA. But what I enjoyed the most was connecting with people who shared the same passion for space exploration.

The feedback from readers far exceeded my expectations. But it didn’t take me long to realize that LinkedIn was less suited for honest discussions and more suited for congratulating each other on a new job.

That’s when the light went off in my head:

"I wish there was an online community for people passionate about space."

The next decade in space travel has the potential to be the most amazing in history. New Space is on the verge of blowing up—in a good way.

If you’re passionate about space: past, present, and future, and you’d like to hang out with other space enthusiasts—you’re in the right place.
Will you join me?

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