About NASAology

This space, excuse the pun, is a place to celebrate, laugh and discuss all things related to space. We love both kinds, space exploration funded directly by NASA and space exploration funded by the private sector. It doesn’t make sense to like one, and not the other. Does it?

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official NASA site. NASA does not support or agree [necessarily] with the content or opinions expressed here. :-)

What we do and how we do it

1. We draw cartoons about space.

We do this by paying artists (who actually have a right-brain) to draw our ideas. We collect these ideas from space related news and from ideas submitted by you. Occasionally we contact astronauts and influential people in the space community. We use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to let their followers suggest captions.

2. We create inspirational videos about space.

We do this by taking the most captivating images of space, adding words of encouragement and combining it all together with music to tell a story.

3. We publish inside stories about space exploration.

We do this by asking readers to submit their stories. Occasionally we ask key players in the space industry (via Twitter, Facebook and email) to share a story.

What we don’t do

Most would agree that NASA has seen better days. While a list of recent failures could fill this page, a list of NASA’s successes could fill many. Frank and open discussions are welcomed and encouraged, but negative verbose ranting, for the sake of ranting, is not.

Why we do it

We originally started this site to showcase cartoons about NASA. But after about 6 months we decided to pull-the-plug because our original vision wasn’t panning out. We allowed long discussions from unhappy people… to the point that we lost our inspiration and motivation. One year later we bought the domain back. This time, with a vision to make you feel better after you arrive, not worse.

So, don’t just sit there… contact us and share your cartoon ideas and stories.