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Open Letter to Myself

Writing a letter to myself seems strange. What do I have to say that I don’t already know?

Maybe I have a bi-polar personality. On the one hand, I’m mad at myself for staying at NASA for so long… hoping to be part of something great. On the other hand, I’m glad I followed my passion to work in the space program, even though my career dreams (for the most part) never came true.

Dear Self,

You’ve known for a long time that NASA was deteriorating on the inside. In hindsight you should have jumped ship before it was too late.

You can excuse your lack of an exit strategy as “providing for your family” and making it until you were “vested for retirement,” but in the end, you sold your soul for dollars. You should be ashamed.

While I’m being honest, I have something to say you really won’t like: you should have done more to make NASA a better place.

Sure, you sheepishly voiced an opposing opinion here and there, but you never put everything on the line. You never risked it all to make NASA great. Instead, you took the easy way out and conformed. That makes you part NASA’s downfall, simple as that.

Now, your country has a mediocre space agency that talks about going to Mars, but no longer has the capabilities in-house to get there. How does that make you feel? A career half-wasted.

And what’s up with this website? Do you really think can make a difference? Who’s going to find it? Who’s going to read it? Who’s going to post a comment? Aren’t you criticizing the hand that feeds you? What would your parents say?

Maybe you need real counseling.

Where to next?

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